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    Aversa Outdoor

    Imagine a captivating outdoor space that beckons you to relax. A haven of beauty and comfort designed just for you. Aversa Outdoor crafts environmentally responsible landscapes that are as elegant as they are inviting. We transform your property into a visual masterpiece, using sustainable practices to create a space that thrives in harmony with nature. Let Aversa Outdoor cultivate your dream landscape.

    “Meet Jon and Joe the founders of Aversa Outdoor: Jon is a designer, garden enthusiast, and creator of captivating outdoor environments. With roots in the landscape design industry and a two decade-long expertise, he has become a trendsetter for elevating incredible outdoor spaces.”

    Jon and Joe

    founders , Aversa Outdoor

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    A Legacy of Family, Expertise, and Trust


    Aversa Outdoor is more than just a landscaping company; It’s a family-owned business with three generations dedicated to creating exceptional outdoor environments. Established in New York, and flourishing in Florida since 2019, our story is one of deep roots with an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passion for transforming properties into havens of beauty and enjoyment. We believe in supporting local communities and sourcing only premium materials. Our team of seasoned professionals combines traditional landscaping principles with AI-assisted techniques to create stunning and sustainable landscapes.


    What Can We Offer

    Landscape Design and Planning

    Our experienced landscape designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a beautiful, functional outdoor space that meets your needs and budget.

    Plant Selection and Installation

    Our knowledgeable horticulturalists will help you choose the right plants for our climate, soil conditions, and desired aesthetic. We use plants from nurseries we have a relationship of trust with and ensure proper installation to promote healthy growth and lasting beauty.


    From patios and walkways to retaining walls and fire pits, our skilled hardscape team and specialized equipment can create beautiful and functional features that add “wow” and define your tastes in your outdoor space.

    Our transformations encompass plants, irrigation, lighting, and decor

    We cover Bradenton and Sarasota and nearby areas, including Gulf Gate Estates, Bayshore Gardens, South Bradenton, Palmetto, Laurel, Venice, South Venice, North Port, Englewood, Gulfport, and Saint Petersburg, to offer our innovative outdoor landscaping and masonry services.

    Our Caring Team

    Why Choose Aversa Outdoor?

    Aversa Outdoor isn’t just another landscaping company. We’re a family-owned business with three generations of experience: proudly serving New York and Florida since our founding. Our roots run deep, and we’re proud of our reputation for excellence in both regions.

    More than just a name, Aversa Outdoor represents family values, and that translates into our daily work. Our dedicated team upholds a strong work ethic, and that ensures that every project receives the meticulous attention it deserves. When you choose Aversa Outdoor, you’re not just choosing a landscaper, you’re choosing a trusted partner with a proven record of creating stunning, sustainable landscapes.

    Client satisfaction is priority #1
    Highly skilled team
    Your happy or we aren’t done yet
    Massive work force = quick turn-around
    Pinellas strong since 2005


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    Call,text or write to us about your ideas.

    The design process begins once the design agreement is signed and typically takes 3–4 weeks to complete after site measurements and photography.
    You can move forward with our builders to start working on your final project, managing all the details according to the design for a compelling installation.
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